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20 years of friendship Arnhem and Wuhan

Arnhem and Wuhan maintain a friendship relationship for 20 years. On Tuesday 11 June Alderman Jan van Dellen van Economic Affairs received a number of representatives from the Arnhem business community and a delegation from Wuhan under the leadership of deputy mayor Long Lianwen.

The official city link between Arnhem and Wuhan dates from 1999. Since that time several visits have been made and the relationship contributed to several lrojects and partnerships.

For the Arnhem companies Nedstack and HyMove contracts for cooperation and innovation when it comes to the production of zero emission hydrogen-electric buses and trucks are from a more recent date. Last year Wuhan declared to have the intention to have hydrogen filling stations within three years and to produce within five to ten years 10,000 hydrogen-electric vehicles. This also offers opportunities for companies in Arnhem.


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