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Excellent performance of hydrogen-powered buses in service with Keolis in Gelderland

Press release 11 May 2020

The two hydrogen-powered buses are comfortable, economical and always available

The two hydrogen-powered buses operated by public transport company Keolis are giving excellent service. This is shown by an evaluation of their use during the period of September 2018 to March 2020. Keolis has been running a hydrogen-powered bus in its timetable since 2017, with the addition of a second bus in June 2018. The buses were always available during the entire period because they have required hardly any maintenance or repairs. Their hydrogen consumption is low. Their average cost per kilometre is also low compared to buses running on diesel or natural gas, thanks to that low consumption and the low maintenance costs, and what’s more they are zero-emission vehicles. Passengers as well as drivers find them to be extremely comfortable.

A quote from René Nekkers, franchise manager at Keolis: “The buses are doing a great job and we see a good future for hydrogen-powered buses, especially for long distances.”

Keolis uses the buses for urban routes in Apeldoorn and on longer regional routes to Zwolle, Harderwijk, Amersfoort, Ede and Barneveld. They have a radius of action of 460 kilometres and cover between 270 and 440 kilometres a day. Using them in regular service is intended to gain more practical experience with running, fuelling and maintaining hydrogen-powered buses.

The fuel cell system in both buses is from the Arnhem-based company of HyMove, which develops and manufactures these systems. The systems have proved in service in the Keolis buses to be highly efficient and reliable. Consumption is 6.1 kg of hydrogen per 100 km, which is 30% less than for hydrogen-powered buses with systems from other manufacturers. Availability of the buses has been 96%, and their average cost per kilometre is comparable to that of buses running on diesel or natural gas.

As a result of their use in service, Keolis has come to the conclusion that hydrogen-powered buses with HyMove fuel cell systems can be used for public transport without any problems. The flexible usability of hydrogen-powered buses means that there is no need to alter timetables, and their wide radius of action and short refuelling times make them an excellent alternative to buses running on diesel or natural gas, with a major difference being that they produce no emissions of harmful exhaust gases.

The hydrogen-powered buses project, which involves the Keolis public transport company, ZETT, HyMove and the Province of Gelderland, is part of the public transport franchise for the Veluwe. ZETT is a leasing company for public transport hydrogen-powered buses. It manages the availability of the two buses at a fixed price per kilometre, which includes servicing, maintenance and hydrogen consumption. HyMove is the manufacturer of the hydrogen fuel cell systems, and the Province of Gelderland arranges the financial and public support.  


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