H2FC bus in Apeldoorn, Gelderland 2015-2017

The use of the hydrogen bus in Gelderland

Final report 2015-2017 published by HyMove, January 2018

The project in the province of Gelderland in which an electric hydrogen fuel cell bus has been used in daily public operation by operator Syntus, has been successfully closed. The project has been executed in the period 2015-2017.

During the development period leading company HyMove has worked closely together with the HAN Automotive Institute, engineering faculty of the University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem. The hydrogen fuel cell bus has completely been inspected and approved by RDW, the Dutch Vehicle Authority in the mobility chain and IDIADA, well-known company regarding inspection, testing and homologation services in the automotive industry. With this IDIADA approval the H2FC bus is ready for serial production.

The use of the H2FC bus in daily operation has been thoroughly prepared together with operator Syntus. After training the Syntus drivers and making the bus depot and workshop completely suitable for the hydrogen fuel cell bus Syntus started running their services in the city of Apeldoorn and surroundings. During the operational use the bus could be followed with the help of the ViriCiti monitoring system. With this utility HyMove gained insight statistic data regarding energy management, route operations and charging of the complete electric hydrogen bus to present afterwards.

Although during the complete term of this project the charging at hydrogen refuelling stations has been an issue, Syntus could run this bus in daily operation the whole year round in Apeldoorn in 2017. Drivers are enthusiast driving this hydrogen fuel cell electric bus; especially about the way they can manage the regenerative braking energy by themselves. Another feature which makes this bus comfortable to drive is the quick acceleration allowing the bus to join the traffic dynamically.

Not only the technique used in this hydrogen bus is as reliable as driving with a traditional diesel engine bus. It also appeared that the bus has a very low fuel consumption of 6 kilo H2/100km. This is 30% less than compared to similar buses with competitive systems. Assuming a price for hydrogen of €6,-/kg, this yields more or less the same fuel cost overview as with traditional diesel engined buses.

Especially in Germany and China they are impressed about the results of the hydrogen fuel cell bus with HyMove system. Fairly soon a number of electric hydrogen fuel cell buses equipped with HyMove system will run in service in the city of Münster, Germany.


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