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Is hydrogen safe?

Proven safety
Hydrogen itself is clean, safe and all around us. It’s so common it makes up 70% of matter in the universe and is actually safer to handle than petrol or diesel. Hydrogen has unique physical and chemical properties which present benefits and challenges to its successful widespread adoption as a fuel.
As HyMove, we follow the specified safety categories from the EU Fuel Cell Electric Buses Knowledge Bases. (https://www.fuelcellbuses.eu/category/safety)
For each category HyMove has specific knowhow and offers that knowhow to vehicle manufacturers, operators and maintenance companies. For more information please also check below Youtube video on vehicle safety test:

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IknzEAs34r0

Are hydrogen fuel cell vehicles safe?

Proven safety
Fuel Cell Electric vehicles are as safe as conventional vehicles. Many tests have been done by experts over the past years on hydrogen-powered vehicles in extreme conditions and temperatures to ensure they can be used safely and reliably, just like any other vehicles.

Still wondering are hydrogen fuel cell vehicles safe? Discover the measures and rules below by EU Fuel Cell Electric Buses Knowledge Bases.

Risk reduction measures in the bus

HyMove, in cooperation with RDW and KIWA, developed a catalogue of specific measures on the risks of operating hydrogen vehicles.

For general risk reduction measures for hydrogen buses in EU, please check below link.

General safety rules in buildings for maintenance, parking or other purposes

HyMove developed a catalogue of safety requirements for workshops together with the Dutch authorities. The catalogue of safety helps emergency services in case of accidents and bus operators in preparation of bus maintenance and training for their personnel.

For general safety rules in buildings for maintenance, parking and other purposes, please check below link for EU regulations.

For more specific hydrogen fuel cell related questions, please contact us directly for professional information and solutions. Let hydrogen moves your world safely!

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