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Hydrogen buses and fuel cells

Electric buses with fuel cells, also known as hydrogen buses, provide a direct replacement for diesel and CNG buses without compromising on service quality. These fuel cells optimize the performance of electric buses by generating electricity from hydrogen while driving, which is then used to charge the batteries. Hydrogen buses are the only emission-free technology that enables a seamless replacement of diesel fleets, while maintaining flexibility in routes, short refueling times, and comparable use of depot space.

With over six years of experience in public passenger transport, buses equipped with the HyMove fuel cell system have proven their reliability. They demonstrate consistent performance, enduring daily trips in all seasons, both in urban and rural transport, and in domestic and international operations.

Buses powered by the HyMove fuel cell system show the lowest fuel consumption and an availability of over 96%. This applies to daily operation of 14 hours, five days a week, for over six years, with minimal maintenance on the fuel cell.

A hydrogen bus with the HyMove fuel cell system onboard has the lowest fuel consumption and zero emissions.

Zero emission transport is the future

The demand for zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles has never been greater. Fuel cell applications in trucks provide fleet managers with the operational experience of traditional diesel vehicles, combined with the benefits of electric driving (zero exhaust emissions and low noise), but with fast refueling capabilities. Compared to battery-electric solutions, fuel cell technology offers greater range, more power, higher payload capacity, and faster refueling times. It is the most feasible solution for reducing emissions and creating a cleaner future without compromising on operations.

Hydrogen is ideal for centralized refueling of heavy-duty trucks, where fast refueling results in less downtime and increased utilization of commercial trucks. Nowadays, several companies offer turnkey solutions for hydrogen infrastructure and are developing methods to produce green hydrogen from renewable energy sources.