Clean City and HyMove presented the first hydrogen powered generator for fast charging of EVs in the Netherlands

Today, Clean City and its technology partners HyMove and Venema, presented the ‘GameChanger 1’, the first Off Grid. On Track. mobile hydrogen Fuel Cell DC power generator for fast charging of electric vehicles. The ‘GameChanger 1’ was created to meet the specific requests of the Port of Livorno, one of the major European hubs for electric vehicles with the ability to simultaneously charge 2 vehicles for a total of 120kW inside the cargo ships. By the end of 2024 Clean City and its partners will present the ‘GameChanger 2’, the first off-grid on trailer Megawatt charger with 800kW DC power output, that is able to simultaneously charge 4 vehicles or e-trucks with a new standard in Megawatt charging.

Sandra Struis
8 May, 2024

Hybrid H2 Battery pack

Venema E-Mobility, HyMove, and Rijngas introduce the compact and robust Hybrid H2 Battery pack. A complete battery pack with external interfaces and an integrated H2 unit and external H2 storage for charging the battery pack. A revolutionary joint step towards sustainability and continuity.

HM Dev Admin
11 Sep, 2023

Participation round table Morocco-Netherlands

Theo Hendriks CEO of HyMove will participate in the round table discussing the relations between Morocco and the Netherlands in the field of Green Hydrogen. Theo Hendriks represents Eco-Stream Nederland B.V, active in the field of technical renewable solutions in the supply chain of energy and decarbonization of mobility.

HM Dev Admin
20 Jun, 2023

Commissioning Custa Excavator

The HyMove fuel cell power generator has been mounted to the eco excavator at Van Beers Hoogeloon B.V. One step ahead in the process of having the excavator back to work in the nature reserve.

HM Dev Admin
16 May, 2023

Hydrogen bus as demonstration vehicle through province of Utrecht

On April 12, 2023, the HyMove hydrogen bus served as a demonstration bus for a tour around the province of Utrecht with new members of the provincial council. Utrecht is working on the necessary infrastructure and the use of green hydrogen for mobility. The new council members were informed about the province’s hydrogen covenant through a tour of municipalities and collaborating companies.

Bas Postma
14 Apr, 2023