Hydrogen solutions for a greener world

Hydrogen fuel cell systems for a zero-emission society

Hydrogen fuel cell systems are the origin of HyMove technology and produce clean energy. We manufacture top quality fuel cell systems as power modules in heavy-duty applications, such as buses, trucks, construction equipment, agricultural vehicles, inland vessels, and stationary power modules.

The HyMove hydrogen fuel cell power modules distinguish by energy efficiency and durability and therefore have the lowest possible TCO. The fuel cell systems are developed for easy integration, plug&play, into any application. Our fuel cells are very suitable as an energy source for all possible powertrains. For an optimal solution, HyMove supplies complete power trains tailored to the application (complete driveline consisting of FC systems and batteries, including control unit).

Green hydrogen supply chain

HyMove has access to technology for each step in the hydrogen supply chain. We offer consortium development for regional/national and international green hydrogen supply chains.

Unique selling points H2FC system

  • Lowest TCO
  • Plug & play
  • Modularity
  • Automotive certified
  • Long life time
  • Low maintenance cost

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