The People

Theo P.M. Hendriks

Chief Executive Officer (Founder, Co-owner) HyMove

One of the initiators of the first hydrogen fuel cell project in Arnhem. This project resulted in the foundation in 2012 of HyMove B.V. Since 2002 Theo manages consultancy activities specializing in establishing (international) co-operations. Previously he was CTO and CEO at Nefit and business manager at Kiwa Gastec. Theo is well-known and experienced in development and production of highly quality technical equipment/products.

Jochem Huygen

Chief Operating Officer (Co-owner)HyMove

Jochem joined HyMove in February 2012. Prior to joining he worked for PON Automotive, Novius and Cap Gemini where he obtained a lot of experience in strategic IT, change management, business & project management. At PON Jochem got relevant experience organizing business processes for production and service & maintenance within the automotive world.

Jan van Beckhoven

Chief Commercial Officer (Founder, Co-owner) Jan van Beckhoven

From 2001 to 2006 Jan was alderman of the community of Apeldoorn dealing with finances and public transport. He is one of the initiators in the first hydrogen project in Arnhem in 2008, which was executed by the Gelderland Hydrogen Enterprise Institute (Stichting Waterstof Onderneming Gelderland (SWOG). As Managing Director of SWOG Jan is engaged with H2FC buses, hydrogen infrastructure and in the automotive Jan has a lot of experience with homologation. Jan is well-known in the local and national political scenery and governmental authorities. He has obtained a lot of experience in the field of public transport, procurement and has a relevant network within public transport companies.

Huib Hupkens van der Elst

Technical Manager (Co-owner)Huib Hupkens

Huib joined HyMove as responsible technical manager since January 2013 and integrates his knowledge about hybrid systems in HyMove’s vehicles. Till 2011 Huib was technical director of Silent Motor Company which developed hydrogen fuel cell generators as range extenders in electric vehicles and as energy source for backup systems and power packs. His specialist knowledge and experience of hybrid systems in automotive, his broad general knowledge of electronic systems in vehicles and his network of suppliers and test laboratories are of great value for HyMove.

Annemieke Hoevers-Schriemer

Executive assistant

Annemieke Hoevers

Annemieke has worked for HyMove since the start. Like in former jobs at Villeroy & Boch Wellness and Stork Bronswerk she likes the great variety of activities which is inseparable to the work of executive assistants. Annemieke is proud to work for and contribute to HyMove which means participating in a vivacious organization that is working very hard on a solution which improves the livable environment.

Sandra Struis-Vos

Executive assistant

foto Sandra tbv website

Sandra joined HyMove in June 2015 to support the management with all their various activities. She has a large experience in international sales and management support, which she merely gained at the company Sonac. She likes the variety in her job and is proud to work for an innovative organisation as HyMove, that contributes to a cleaner environment.


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