45 kW Power Module


Operating Power6 – 45 kW continue
Voltage200-360 VDC
Volume0,5 m3 without H2 storage
Dimensions (mm)1400 x 800 x 550
Efficency>50% @ nominal power
Peak efficiency58% @ 50% power
Ambient temperature [1]-30 °C to +40 °C
Operating temperature60-65 °C
Life time12 year
Module weight (excl. frame)250 kg
Heavy duty frame weight 220 kg

Maintenance requirements

Air filter replacement2000 hrs
Coolant conductivity test2000 hrs
Coolant cleaner replacement6000 hrs
H2 leakage test2000 hrs, at least 1x per year
H2 sensor check/calibrationevery year
High voltage leakage checkevery year
Refurbishment interval FC stacks>20.000 hrs

[1] during operation the module keeps itself warm. The system has an internal heater connected to the onboard 24 V batteries to keep the system above 5 °C when not operative.

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