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Venema E-Mobility, HyMove and Rijngas are introducing the compact and robust Hybrid H2 Battery pack. A complete battery pack with external interfaces and an integrated H2 genset and external H2 storage for charging the battery pack. A revolutionary joint step towards sustainability and continuity.

Today we share an important chapter in the journey towards a sustainable future. We present a new product, the Hybrid H2 Battery Pack, developed in close collaboration by the three companies. This is a moment of innovation and impact that creates a continuous supply of zero emission energy for industrial applications, housing block or office building or even a zero emission fast charging option for trucks and cars at any desired location.

The Hybrid H2 Battery Pack is the result of a close collaboration between Venema E-Mobility, HyMove and  Rijngas, pioneers in the field of battery and hydrogen technology. Our joint efforts have led to the development of an advanced green hybrid generator that combines the benefits of hydrogen and battery technology for a powerful and sustainable energy solution.

The Power of Green Hybrid
What makes this new generator so remarkable is its green hybrid character. By integrating HyMove’s fuel cell technology and Venema E-Mobility‘s battery technology,  we benefit from the immediate response time and efficiency of batteries, while hydrogen and the fuel cell system act as a long-term and clean energy reserve. The system can operate both Off-Grid and On-Grid and also connect locally generated solar energy to it. This not only relieves the electricity grid, but the generated solar energy can be stored and used at a later time. It opens the door to a wide range of applications, from charging vehicles in places with a grid problem, to continuous and long-term emission-free work on construction sites.

Contnuous green energy at every location

The supply of hydrogen in cylinder packages by Rijngas B.V. guarantees a reliable hydrogen supply at every location in the Netherlands. As a result, our generators are able to function continuously in an efficient and sustainable way. This is at the heart of our shared commitment to a greener and emission-free future.

The Benefits for Sustainability
With the Hybrid H2 Battery Pack we are taking an important step towards an emission-free world. Hydrogen is produced via electrolysis, powered by renewable energy sources. This means that our generator is not only free of emissions, but also uses green energy to generate a continuity of sustainable electrical power.

The collaboration between Venema E-Mobility, HyMove and Rijngas is based on a shared vision for a sustainable future. Together, we have tackled the technical and strategic challenges associated with developing hybrid hydrogen/battery solutions. Our joint efforts demonstrate what is possible when innovation and sustainability come together.

Availability of the Hybrid H2 Battery Pack

The first units can be delivered from the beginning of 2024. The early availability allows businesses and communities to quickly take advantage of this innovation and further strengthen their renewable energy efforts with a continuity of electrical power at any location.

Want to know more about this joint product? Please contact HyMove B.V. through  or +31 6 21 12 44 46. 


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