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Urban Mobility Systems and HyMove start a partnership for hydrogen powered construction equipment

Urban Mobility Systems (UMS), expert in electrification solutions, has developed various industrial solutions by converting diesel construction machines to battery-electric. The electrification of the Doosan 30-ton excavator, the Knikmops and Manitou (telehandler) are a number of successful projects. The solutions have proven themselves in practice and meet the user requirements for smaller and medium-sized construction machines. “This puts UMS ahead of the latest technology and we do not lose sight of safety and quality,” says Lars Kool, CEO of UMS.

HyMove has a proven track record with hydrogen aggregates for various heavy duty applications. These aggregates have been used with great success in public transport buses at Keolis in Gelderland. “With the same reliability as diesel buses and a world record in efficiency, we can call buses with HyMove technology the best hydrogen buses in the world. The collaboration with UMS gives HyMove the opportunity to repeat this achievement with drives for construction equipment and aggregates for sites, “says Theo Hendriks CEO of HyMove.

In the electrification of heavy construction machines, batteries are reaching the limits of their energy content. With increasing energy demand, ever larger and heavier battery packs are required to maintain the operating time of the machines. This is where hydrogen aggregates provide a solution. A hydrogen generator takes the energy with it in the form of hydrogen gas and converts it into electricity on board a fuel cell. The greater energy density of hydrogen gas and the short refueling times thus extend the operating time of large construction machines and generators in a way that is not feasible with batteries.

Rijkswaterstaat and the Water Boards have the ambition to be climate neutral and circular by 2030. As a result, the market for large construction equipment needs zero-emission solutions that have a longer runtime than is possible with batteries. UMS and HyMove would like to fill this gap. By supplying hydrogen powered construction equipment and hydrogen powered aggregates, to enable charging of the construction equipment in the field, the zero-emission construction site is getting closer and closer. UMS and HyMove have decided to join forces and work together towards this goal. The joint knowledge and experience of these two parties guarantee the best functionality, highest availability, most environmentally friendly solution and the greatest possible customer satisfaction.


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